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Symantec DB’s

Symantec is a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions for private consumers and small businesses to the largest global organisations.

In March 2014 Stowe Australia undertook a project for the refurbishment of existing office space at levels 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 24 at 207 Kent street Sydney.

After only 24 hours to quote the project Southern Cross Switchboards won the project to design and install 6 of the levels Distribution Boards. The scope was to provide an Energy efficient three tier distribution board. Equipped with Supply Authority Current Transformers Rated at 200A, 6 Power and Lighting split chassis all with private whole current metering. Also included was a 100A Contactor style change over switch for Essential Lighting and Power Chassis, both supplies protected by 2 separate 40KA surge diverters. This design took into consideration of the tight space we had to fit the Distribution Boards whilst still maintaining a sustainable energy solution to Symantec’s offices.

Early May 2014 the manufacturing process of the Distribution Boards was actioned. Early the next month the boards were tested with our Inspection and Test Plan procedure (ITP). After passing the ITP they were then delivered in sections to the Symantec building in Kent St. Later that week Southern Cross Switchboards assisted Stowe Australia to join the sectioned Db’s and position them into the tight spaces that they were designated for. Over two days Southern Cross Switchboards went to site to electrically and mechanically connect the sectioned Db’s and then conduct another ITP to conclude the project.

Value : 97k

Darling Harbour Live Temporary MSB

After 25 years of operation, the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling harbour closed in January 2014 to make way for the development of the new $1 billion event and exhibition facilities, due for completion in 2016.

A Stowe/Fredon join venture were awarded the $80 million project to undertake the electrical services installation. This included the design, supply, delivery and installation as part of the redevelopment of the site.

In June 2014 Southern Cross Switchboards were awarded the project of supplying and rework of two 1600A Main Switchboards with a quick turnaround of 12 days.

The project consisted of removing the existing MSB’s and have them shipped to our workshop in Silverwater. Once the boards were in the work shop we stripped the boards of all existing switchgear and components. We then re-designed the switchboard whilst maintaining the existing frame. Both boards required a 1600A Service Protection Device along with Supply Authority Current Transformers. The existing MSB2 was too small so we had to manufacture and join a new tier to allow for the supply authority section, which then fed a number of breakers ranging from 800A to 100A MCCBS. There were outdated chassis on the board that we had to source breakers to suit. Both Boards were roughly 3m long and stood 2.3m tall. We managed to utilise some of the existing busbar. However in some sections we had to completely re design the arrangement.

Once the boards were complete we then carried out our Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). We the transported the switchboards to Darling Harbour to Fredon/Stowe. Total duration of this project was 12 days ” Phew “.

Value $20k

German Consulate – Sydney

In September 2015, the Consulate-General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sydney relocated from 13 Trelawney Street, Woollahra NSW 2025 to Level 17, 100 William Street, Sydney (Woolloomooloo) NSW 2011. 100 William Street is an instantly recognizable Sydney landmark. The office building is located close to all major transport routes, with a choice of railway stations including St James, Museum and Kings Cross and all major buses, it is easily accessible via all modes of transports.

Southern Cross Switchboards won the tender to supply two distribution boards for the German Consulate at their new location at 100 William Street. They were DB-R30 (AV) and DBG-R30 (SV), IP42 rated switchboard with fault level 6kA for 1 second. The distribution boards were required to be painted White. Unlike other common distribution boards which comprise of single pole and/or 3 pole breakers, these distribution boards actually comprise of 2 pole and 4 pole breakers.

DB-R30 (AV) is rated at 80A. The distribution board has an 80A 4P main switch, a surge diverter, 5 x power meters, 4 x 4P outgoing breakers (3 for power sections and 1 for lighting section), 63 x RCBOs, 2 x RCDs and 3 x MCBs. DBG-R30 (SV) is rated at 63A. It has an 80A 4P main switch wound down to 63A, a surge diverter, 4 x power meters, 3 x 4P outgoing breakers (1 for power section, 1 for lighting section and 1 for server/telecommunication section), 16 x RCBOs and 2 x MCBs.

Value: $58k

2 Market Street DB

Located at 2 Market Street, Sydney is Allianz Centre, a 24 level high rise commercial office building with an adjoining seven level forecourt building. The building currently comprises 39,818 square meters of office space, multi-level basement car parks, food court and retail area. The multi-level basement car parks have the capacity to house over 300 vehicles. The building was completed in 1990 and redeveloped in 2007.

The redevelopment was carried out in four phases:

Phase 1 – Office Tower

  • Demolition of the existing two low rise buildings and associated structures fronting Kent Street
  • Provision of new structural columns and enhancing a number of existing columns to the basement car park
  • Construction of a new six storey commercial /retail building fronting Kent Street

Phase 2 – Market Street Frontage

  • Internal modifications to the existing foyer/colonnade to allow for the introduction of retail space
  • Alterations and upgrade of the façade and installation of awning along the street frontage

Phase 3 – Level 7 Food Court Modifications

  • Internal modifications including removal of existing food court and the introduction of open plan retail space
  • Alterations and upgrade of existing Sussex Street frontage

Phase 4 – Enclosure of Sussex Street Colonnade

  • Infilling of existing colonnade to allow for the introduction of retail uses
  • Alterations and upgrade of the existing podium façade

Southern Cross Switchboards supplied a 800A distribution board as a temporary power supply for 2 Market Street project in Sydney. The distribution board is a IP42, Form 3bih with a rated fault level of 25kA for 1 second. It was a simple distribution board with an 800A main switch for the incoming supply and 4 x 250A circuit breakers for outgoing loads.

Value: $11k

Chifley Towers

Chifley Towers constructed in 1992, located 2 Chifley Square in the heart of the city’s financial services and legal district. The building has 42 levels occupied by law firms, financial institutions and major corporates with over 30 retailers and Award winning restaurants.

Early 2014 MPA Projects awarded LAN Cabling the opportunity to provide the electrical needs for a new global headquarters over levels 27, 28 and 30 for the internationally recognised QBE Group. Total value of the project $7.2M

October 2014 Southern Cross Switchboards worked along side LAN Cabling to upgrade the existing riser Distribution boards on each level. The works included design and manufacturing of new DB covers and labels to fit existing and new equipment, the supply of temporary escutcheons whilst the existing were taken off-site for further measurements. The project also called for Southern Cross to attended site and Retro fit a 3 column C-bus section and to provide provision for private whole current metering of 3 chassis currently fitted to the existing DB’s, two of the levels were completed during normal working hours, however the last level had essential services and work had to be over the last weekend of October.

Bunnings Batemans Bay

After successfully completing 2 projects with Bunnings at Chatswood and Balgowlah we were excited to commence the project with Bunnings at Batemans Bay.

Batemans Bay situated on the Clyde River Estuary is one of the most beautiful towns in NSW.

The project included 1 x MSB (50kA, IP56, Form 3bih) and 10 x Distribution Boards. While the project requirements were a little similar to previous projects, the specifications were carefully studied by our engineering staff.

The MSB was constructed from marine grade aluminum sheet, folded and welded including a weatherproof return profile and a sloping roof. Internal brass mesh screen was installed to prevent ingress of insects. The external finishing of the board was white.

The 10 off Distribution Boards were also powder coated in white and rated at 160A.

Overall the project was successfully accomplished and met all the requirement of the Customer.