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Southern Cross Switchboards design and manufacture a wide variety of electrical switchboards, we can offer fully welded customised sheet metal enclosures or custom built modular enclosures in any configuration or colour our client wishes. We offer from form 1 to form 4 segregation and up to 7100amps at 100Ka. Our extensive range of switchboards are:

  • Control panels
  • Panel boards
  • Distributions boards
  • Air Conditioning control panels
  • Refrigeration control panels
  • Load Centres
  • Main switchboards
  • Motor control switchboards
  • Metering switchboards
  • Power factor correction cubicles
  • UPS switchboards
  • Generator switchboards
  • PLC & instrumentation panels
  • Local control stations
  • C-Bus panel boards
  • Weatherproof switchboards
  • Temporary power boards
  • Termination pillars



Southern Cross Switchboards consider the design phase of any switchboard to be one of the most important steps in providing compliance and customer satisfaction. Our learned interpretation of client specifications and compliance with AS/NZS 61439 in the design process ensures the delivery of economically responsible designs without compromising quality. We employ a design team consisting of designers, drafts people and technicians with on-site surveying capabilities.



Factory produced parts ensure standardisation in manufacture. Southern Cross Switchboards are accredited manufacturers of the Elsteel system. This ensures our customers that each switchboard is constructed using type tested assemblies and manufactured with uniformity in all our switchboards. Where customer’s premises have poor means of access to the proposed switchboard location, modular type construction allows the entire switchboard to be assembled and commissioned on site. This means the best location for the switchboards can be selected not just a location where you can fit it!



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