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Clinton’s Toyota Main Switchboard

This project first began in June 2013 and was issued for construction later that month, despite some major design changes due to  the particular nature of the site and at the client request all the stakeholders worked efficiently to ensure acceptance of the changes didn’t jepordise delivery. The design was unique and a little different to our standard main switch board layout for a project of this type.

It incorporates a sizeable distribution board initially designed to be a separate enclosure, however due to lack of space in the switchroom it was included in the MSB during the approval process. The  distribution section comprised of 3 separate MCB chassis’s with a combined capacity of 192 poles.

We recommended a more economical range of switchgear for our choice of SPD and moulded case circuit breakers, partly chosen for their functionality but mainly due significant cost savings passed on to the client.

With our flexible and “can do” approach we are confident our client has received a quality product with years of trouble free operation.

Value $32K