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Keepit Dam – Main Switchboard

Keepit Dam is location on Namoi River 56km west of Tamworth. The project commenced in 1939, but halted in 1941 because of WW2. The project was finally completed in 1960. Keepit Dam was the 1st of the 3 dams built in Namoi River Basin. It is currently 55 m high, 533 m long and 48 m wide. The primary use of dam is irrigation in the Namoi Valley and water supply in Walgett.

Currently Keepit Dam is undergoing 2nd stage of major upgrade. The project cost is 24 million and scheduled to be finish by mid-2019. The project includes rising of the wall and embankment by approximately 3 m and strengthening the wall with post tensioning anchors. As part of preliminary work a new substation T1 and main LV switchroom with standby generator off the dam wall were constructed.

Southern Cross Switchboards provided the main switchboard located inside the LV switchroom. The switchboard was floor mounted and rated 800A, 25kA, IP54 and form 4a. As per specifications the plinth was made of 100X50X6 rolled steel channel and hot dipped galvanized to a minimum thickness.

The Switchboard was successfully manufactured delivered on time to the site.

Mittagong Telephone Exchange

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company. They offer wide range of communications services. Telstra in 1854 started with building the first telegraph line in Australia. Later with changing technology moved from telegraph to telephone line, and then from national communication to international communication.

In 2014 Telstra had a telephone exchange project in Mittagong. Mittagong, located in Southern Highlands is known for its stunning reserve and walking tracks. Southern Cross Switchboards provided Main Distribution Board (25kA, IP42, Form 3bih/4a, 160A). Originally they had asked for a MSB and DB, but our team had used their technical skills and experience to propose a design with 1 MDB that would fulfill the requirements for both.

The switchboard was constructed using Elsteel Type Tested Modular System. The plinth was painted gloss black with mouse-hole for lifting. Because of excellent team spirit we were able to deliver the board a day early. In feedback this act was highly appreciated.

Overall the feedback from our customer was positive. According to them our job was done before time with excellent accuracy.


Unilever is a globally recognised manufacturer with more than 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing. Their portfolio ranges from nutritionally balanced foods to indulgent ice creams, affordable soaps luxurious shampoos and everyday household care products. They aim on leaving a positive impact with stakeholders and promote sustainable growth and principles.

Mid 2015 Complete Electrical had been awarded the task of upgrading Unilever Australia at North Rocks facility, the task included installation of 2 new water baths for leak detection in the aerosol department, removal of existing and installation of new bottling lines and conveyors and the installation of new product mixing equipment and valve manifolds.

April 2015 Southern Cross Switchboards worked alongside Complete Electrical to provide a Main Switchboard to accommodate the supply of the new equipment being installed. Southern Cross Switchboards Designed a 10 tier MSB that was 4 metres long and stood 2 metres high. The MSB was rated to 2000A, 36kA for 1 second. The MSB has a 1600A SPD witch fed 9 moulded case breakers ranging from 1000A to 400A and provision for future extensions. Southern Cross Switchboards also supplied and fitted a Power Monitor to privately read the Main incoming supply with CT’s fitted to the main bus immediately after the Supply Authority Current Transformers.

Pharmaceutical Facility – Mount Kuring-gai

Fresenius Kabi is one of Australia’s fastest-growing healthcare companies, employing over 290 staff across Australia and New Zealand. Fresenius Kabi supply medicines and medical technology to pharmacies, public and private hospitals and health care professionals. Fresenius Kabi is part of the Fresenius health care group which employs over 22,500 staff globally. Fresenius Kabi is committed to improving the quality of life for critically and chronically ill people in Australia and New Zealand.

In late 2012, Southern Cross Switchboards were awarded the supply and manufacture of the Main Switchboard and Distribution Switchboards for the new four storeys Pharmaceutical Production Facility on Woodland Way, Mount Kuring-Gai NSW for Fresenius Kabi.

The work encompassed the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of the 2500A Main Switchboard and Low Voltage Distribution Switchboards.

Onslow Salt Project

Onslow is a coastal town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, 1,386 kilometres north of Perth. It currently has a population of around 850 people and is in the Shire of Ashburton Local Government Area. Onslow was founded in 1883 as a port at the mouth of the Ashburton River for exporting wool from the sheep stations of the Pilbara hinterland. It was named after the then Chief Justice of Western Australia, Sir Alexander Campbell Onslow (1842–1908).

Onslow has since then become a salt mine with a pond area of 8,600 hectares. It is one of the two salt mines in Western Australia which are owned by Mitsui & Co. With a production capacity of around 2.7 million tons a year, the Onslow salt field provides a steady supply of salt to major chlor-alkali manufacturers in Japan and other Asian countries. It also supplies salt to some food processing markets across Asia.

The Onslow port is also large enough to berth ships up to 55,000 DWT, which makes it an ideal exporter for customers that require larger quantities of salt. A huge facility like this usually has good power backup system. This is where MTU Detroit Diesel came into the picture supplying the generators. Due to the harsh nature of the location, for this project the generators were enclosed inside a shipping containers specially modified to house generators.

In December 2014, Southern Cross Switchboards were given the opportunity to supply two ACB Generator Switchboards and two Auxiliary Control Panels for MTU Detroit Diesel for Onslow Salt. The ACB Generator Switchboards were rated at 3200A at 50kA for 1 second. The Auxiliary Control Panels consisted of a 100A ATS, MCBs and contactors for controlling equipment such as the fuel cooler, the water jack heater, the fuel transfer pump, the ventilation fan & the radiator fan.

This was another project completed with great success by Southern Cross Switchboards.

Value: $71k

Peakhurst Telephone Exchange

Southern Cross Switchboards has recently completed a range of switchboards for the Peakhurst Telephone Exchange project, which is part of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout. Among the switchboards are 1 x Main Switchboard, 1 x Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Enclosure and 1 x Mechanical Services Switchboard.

The SGP Enclosure is a simple enclosure that houses an Isolator, which is supplied from a 350kVA Generator Set and feeding the Main Switchboard as the Generator Supply. The Main Switchboard on the other hand is Dual Supply 630A and is constructed to Form 3B as per AS/NZS3439.1 with a Fault Level of 50kA for 1 Second. The outgoing supplies consist of an Automatic Transfer Switch which transfers between the Generator and Mains supplies. The scope of works also included requirements to incorporate Telstra’s Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) in the Main Switchboard. Last but not least, the Mechanical Services Switchboard is a whole new ball game compared to the Main Switchboard. There are lots of control equipment and wiring required.

Similar to most projects associated with the NBN, Peakhurst Telephone Exchange had a very tight time line to completion. This has once again proven to be welcome challenge for Southern Cross Switchboards to complete all three switchboards in the limited time frame given and making sure the quality of the switchboards was not compromised.

Like all things in life, there were several obstacles along the way which set us back but nonetheless, Southern Cross Switchboards still managed to rise to the occasion and complete all three switchboards in the given time frame. Most importantly, we managed to keep our client happy.

Value: $59k

UNSW – Mechanical Services Control Panel

There have been some ongoing refurbishment work at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and one of the many projects is the installation of new air conditioning system for the computer labs located in the basement of Building K17 Computer Sciences, Kensington Campus.

For this project, Southern Cross supplied a wall mounted enclosure sized W600 x H800 x D200 for the required mechanical services control panel. The lead time for this project is quite short, with the fast approval of the drawings; we managed to get everything going and deliver within the required lead time.

Value: $4k

Seven Hills High School – MSB & DB’s

Seven Hills High School, a member of the Nirimba Collegiate provides education for students from year 7 to year 10. The school aim to provide the best, and successfully develop confident and responsible adolescents. The school organizes diverse range of extra curriculum activities and clubs to encourage students to be active and optimistic towards evolving knowledge and skills.

In 2014, Seven Hills High School had decided to go for an electrical upgrade to reduce electricity demand component cost of an aging system. Southern Cross Switchboards role was to manufacture a new Main Switchboard (Rated at 400A, 30kA for 1 sec), and 2 new switchboards that were to replace the existing switchboards.

The custom built Main Switchboard was located outdoor and rated IP56 with a custom made sloping rain hood. The other 2 switchboards were bit of a design challenge for Southern Cross Switchboards due the unique positioning required within the board for the equipment. The cabling from the disconnected old switchboard into the new boards was a challenge within itself. This was made a lot easier over all with the modification of the switchboard and hence eliminated the connection issues.

Parliament House NSW

Located on the east side of Macquarie Street in Sydney, the Parliament House of NSW was the location of Australia’s first Parliament. This location has substantial history and heritage in NSW.

In this location in 1816, Sydney’s first permanent hospital was established. The 2 original buildings, The Mint building and The Northern Wing (residences for surgeons) are now part of Parliament House. The Legislature occupied building in 1829 and expanded the building over time. The building is now 12 stories high and approximately 42000 sqm.

The current electrical distribution system provides electrical services to Parliament House, Macquarie wing of NSW State Library and Central Plant for chilled and hot water which provides full service for Sydney Hospital, Sydney Eye Hospital and NSW State Library.

Stage 1 – Electrical Upgrade (2015-2016)

The Main Switchboard (MSB) located in Parliament House prior to 2016 needed upgrade. This was an important project because power outages due to downtime on the old MSB could lead to reputational damage, safety responsibility and potential legal liability for NSW Government and Parliament.

Southern Cross Switchboards (SCS) were fortunate to have won the tender to manufacture and deliver:

  • 3 x 3200A Form 3b MSBs to replace the old single MSB
  • 11 x ATS panels
  • Remote panel enclosure for remote control of breakers.
  • PM8000 series meter and gateways for all ATS

The major challenge for the installing contractor was that the old MSB, located on level 3 could not be moved without significant planning and preparation due to the risk of substantial downtime to this critical facility. The plan was to migrate services from the 1 off old MSB to 3 new MSBs in stages. The location for the new MSB1 was in position of the old MSB. Extensive co-ordination was done between the installing contractors, NSW Parliament House stakeholders and Southern Cross Switchboards to ensure the installation upgrade flowed through smoothly.

Overall the project was a great success.

Time-lapse video of the construction of the MSBs located here:


Stage 2 – Addition of the standby generators and electrical upgrade of the Mechanical Services (2017-2018)

In 2015 the client decided to implement 2 new standby generators. For SCS, this stage of project began in 2017 and is to be complete by mid-2018.  Southern Cross Switchboards (SCS) were once again fortunate enough to be involved in the switchboard portion of the project. For Southern Cross Switchboards the project included:-

  • Modification of MSBs manufactured in 2015 to integrate 2 off closed transition ATS systems for Essential and Non-Essential services.
  • 1 x 5000A Form 4a/4b Generator MSB with 2 x 2500A Incomers
  • 3 x New Mechanical Services Switchboards (MSSBs)

The Plant Room located in Level 1 housed the new switchboards for Stage 2 of the project. Once again significant planning and preparation was required to minimize downtime to essential services to this important site. Extensive co-ordination was done between the installing contractors, NSW Parliament House stakeholders and Southern Cross Switchboards to ensure the installation flowed through smoothly.

Compared to Stage 1, the stage 2 portion of works had significantly more onsite works. This was coordinated by our dedicated team by back to back shifts to complete over one weekend.

We are thankful to all involved in making this project successful and look forward to future projects such as this.

Project Value $ 1.3 mil

Clinton’s Toyota Main Switchboard

This project first began in June 2013 and was issued for construction later that month, despite some major design changes due to  the particular nature of the site and at the client request all the stakeholders worked efficiently to ensure acceptance of the changes didn’t jepordise delivery. The design was unique and a little different to our standard main switch board layout for a project of this type.

It incorporates a sizeable distribution board initially designed to be a separate enclosure, however due to lack of space in the switchroom it was included in the MSB during the approval process. The  distribution section comprised of 3 separate MCB chassis’s with a combined capacity of 192 poles.

We recommended a more economical range of switchgear for our choice of SPD and moulded case circuit breakers, partly chosen for their functionality but mainly due significant cost savings passed on to the client.

With our flexible and “can do” approach we are confident our client has received a quality product with years of trouble free operation.

Value $32K