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Horsley Logistics Park Site

In July 2022 Southern Cross Switchboards were contacted by an established client to urgently design & perform site remediation works for a recently installed Main Switchboard at a brand new Horsley Logistics Park in Western Sydney.

The new scope of works was introduced after Southern Cross Switchboards had already designed & delivered the Main Switchboard. Power cabling was already terminated & the scheduled electrification date had to be delayed to accommodate for the revised works.

The timeframe issued by the client was 2 weeks completion from first contact, so there was no option of failure if the objective was to be achieved.

The task: Provide a staggered MCCB motor closing & opening circuit for (x6) existing 800A circuit breakers that also accepts an external 230VAC GPO supply on top of a 230VAC Uninterruptible Power Supply in the event of the Mains Power Supply failing during operation.

Immediately a high priority was placed on this & existing projects were reassigned to ancillary team members to temporarily carry out.

Within 3 days of receiving the desired scope the circuitry was designed & Bill Of Materials prepared. With the clients timely review & approval sign off it was onto the manufacturing stage.

A wiring harness was assembled with plenty of cable slack to reach the intended MCCB cells. Existing motor wiring on site had to be modified to accept the staggered-timers.



UPS & custom bypass switches were promptly ordered & prepared to make the installation on site as quick as possible.

Existing Automatic Transfer Switch wiring was also modified on site to have a tap-off 230VAC voltage supply for the MCCB motors.

Installation on site was done by the Southern Cross Switchboards team in the early hours of the morning, conducted under mobile spotlights, to prevent existing services disruption.

With very low visibility on a bitterly cold winter morning, with overcast clouds completing a background of gloom it took an entire day to install the custom wiring harness & complete the necessary terminations.

One more day was required to perform routing testing & finalize minor wiring amendments to make the entirety work as intended.

A sequence test was performed once the client was satisfied with our routine testing & the new circuitry was functioning as intended on our first try. What a relief it was to see such an urgent retrofit project perform straight off the bat.