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Keepit Dam – Main Switchboard

Keepit Dam is location on Namoi River 56km west of Tamworth. The project commenced in 1939, but halted in 1941 because of WW2. The project was finally completed in 1960. Keepit Dam was the 1st of the 3 dams built in Namoi River Basin. It is currently 55 m high, 533 m long and 48 m wide. The primary use of dam is irrigation in the Namoi Valley and water supply in Walgett.

Currently, Keepit Dam is undergoing 2nd stage of major upgrade. The project cost is 24 million and is scheduled to be finished by mid-2019. The project includes rising of the wall and embankment by approximately 3 m and strengthening the wall with post-tensioning anchors. As part of preliminary work a new substation T1 and main LV switchroom with standby generator off the dam wall were constructed.

Southern Cross Switchboards provided the main switchboard located inside the LV switchroom. The switchboard was floor mounted and rated 800A, 25kA, IP54 and form 4a. As per specifications the plinth was made of 100X50X6 rolled steel channel and hot dipped galvanized to a minimum thickness.

The Switchboard was successfully manufactured delivered on time to the site.