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Seven Hills High School – MSB & DB’s

Seven Hills High School, a member of the Nirimba Collegiate provides education for students from year 7 to year 10. The school aim to provide the best, and successfully develop confident and responsible adolescents. The school organizes diverse range of extra curriculum activities and clubs to encourage students to be active and optimistic towards evolving knowledge and skills.

In 2014, Seven Hills High School had decided to go for an electrical upgrade to reduce electricity demand component cost of an aging system. Southern Cross Switchboards role was to manufacture a new Main Switchboard (Rated at 400A, 30kA for 1 sec), and 2 new switchboards that were to replace the existing switchboards.

The custom built Main Switchboard was located outdoor and rated IP56 with a custom made sloping rain hood. The other 2 switchboards were bit of a design challenge for Southern Cross Switchboards due the unique positioning required within the board for the equipment. The cabling from the disconnected old switchboard into the new boards was a challenge within itself. This was made a lot easier over all with the modification of the switchboard and hence eliminated the connection issues.