Children’s Hospital at Westmead

Emergency Children's Hospital Westmead. Located at the corner of Hawkesbury Road and Hainsworth Street, Westmead Childrens Hostipal is the largest pediatric centre in New South Wales. The hospital is known for its clinical expertise, community education and ground breaking research into childhood illnesses.

In December 2013, the NSW Department of Health released a tender for  “Generator Controller Upgrade”. The essential services ring main at Westmead Hospital was supplied with two emergency power generators. The existing generators consist of two Dorman low voltage 1060kVA diesel sets running in parallel. These sets feed two sections of the site essential 11kV ring main via 1000kVA step up transformers and existing HV closed transition contactors (one system per section of Ring Main).

The Generator control panels were installed in a separate room within the generator plant-room along with the generator switchboard. The controls were based on Scitech CGC controllers configured for the generators to run in parallel. Soft transfer functionality for transfer to the mains was also provided by way of Scitech CMC synchronizing controllers (via the HV ATS).

The generator switchboard was installed in the same room as the generator control panels. In addition to the limited support for the previous existing switchgear, the outgoing circuit breakers limit the flexibility of the 1151kVA at 415V.  The transformers that they fed, limited this further to 1000kVA. The result of this was that the full capacity of the generator system was not being utilized on one leg of the ring main. This limited the flexibility in switching the open point of the ring main for maintenance purposes.

The upgrade involved a new generator switchboard, new HV ATSs, control system upgrade and upgrade of one of the existing 1000kVA step-up transformer to a 2000kVA step-up transformer. Southern Cross Switchboards were fortunate enough to secure the switchboard component of the project in which we supplied a Generator Main Switchboard, rated at 5000A at 85kA for 1 second and a Generator Connection Panel, rated at 2500A at 85kA for 1 second.

For this project we utilized the ABB ArTu K system using ABB switchgear. This was the first time we utilized this system. Once we were comfortable with the system, the work flowed smoothly and the boards were completed successfully within the given time frame.

Value: $168k

Full switchboard   Switchboard section Woodward Controller 1 Woodward ControllerBusbar SectionBusbar Section 1