Chalmers Road Public School

School LogoChalmers Road Public School is one of the many school projects Southern Cross Switchboards has taken up over the years. This particular project belongs to a client of ours who has many years of experience in this industry and among those experiences, was working with NSW Public Works on several projects. 

By serving our client, we were also serving Public Works indirectly. It is through projects like this that we learned about all the finer details required for government projects. We get to understand better the Do’s and Don’t’s which we were able to pick up along the way as each project progresses. These experiences are valuable especially for a growing company like ours. 

For Chalmers Road Public School, we have supplied 1 x Main Switchboard and 4 x Distribution Boards. The Main Switchboard is single supply 250A and is constructed to Form 2 as per AS/NZS3439.1 with a Fault Level of 20kA for 1 Second. The Main Switchboard has a typical layout where the incoming supply passes through the supply authority current transformer section and out to the distribution section. Throughout the process of designing the board, the only challenge we face is to balance between allowing sufficient space in the board and yet making sure the board fits in the limited space allocated in the switch room. 

When delivery time came, we had to arrange for a special delivery on the weekend. This is due to the fact that Chalmers Road Public School is a school for special children and the school does not wish to startle the children by having the switchboard delivered during normal school hours.

Value 21K

CAD Drawing