Woolgoolga Telephone Exchange – MSB

  The Woolgoolga telephone exchange main distribution board was approved for construction in early May 2013 and delivery was scheduled for end of the same month, included in that time frame was transportation to northern New South Wales some 550kms away from Sydney.

Fortunately the switchboard was of Elsteel modular design so ordering and the frame construction both can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

Often with these very quick turn around projects the switchgear ordering and delivery can be the difference between success or failure with meeting  deadlines but fortunately the supplier was able to help us out and the items were soon despatched.

Requirements for the switchboard were, it had to be a minimum of IP : 54 rating, supplied with a single handle manual transfer switch to utilise either mains or generator supplies, have ample cable zone space for the allocated separate 3 distribution sections and the usual surge diverter and private metering  requirements which are now commonly found on most DBs.

End result , the feedback form was duly returned,  our client was satisfied with our service, product and would be happy to use us again and refer us to others.

Value $27k.

Main SwitchboardMain Switchboard Manual Transfer SwitchMain Switchboard Controls Section