UTS Main Switchboard Extension

This 2 tier main switchboard extension cubicle was designed to fit into an existing main switch room at the University of Technology, Sydney City Campus, Building 1, alongside the main switchboard, 4 PFC cubicles and a distribution board.

Space was at a premium in the 40 year old switchroom which originally housed just the main switchboard enclosure.

The MSB extension enclosure while small in stature is rated at 1600A, fault current 85kA and  designed to Form 4b specification. The switchgear comprised of a Schneider 1600A 3P drawout ACB with a micrologic 5.0 trip unit.

A power monitor and CTs were the only other electrical components included in the board.

1600A 3P Drawout ACB and power meter measuring mains supply UTS1 UTS2