UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

UTS Haberfield Rowing Club was formerly known by the name Haberfield Rowing Club back in 1925. It became UTS Haberfield Rowing Club when it was associated with the University of Technology in 1992 and since then, it has also become a varsity club. Its elite program has enjoyed great success since the 1990s with a number of the club’s oarsmen and women making Australian Olympic selection in recent years. Amongst them are names like Rod Chisolm, James Chapman and Sam Loch.

The club house has occupied its current site on Port Jackson’s, Iron Cove at Dobroyd Point since 1926. After the acquisition by the UTS Union in 1992, the club house has only undergone one major renovation in 1996. So, after 16 years, the UTS Union has decided that the club needs to be updated to suit the 21st century. In 2012, this redevelopment project started with Hassel Architects taking the lead with the design. Demolition works was complete in July 2013. Building and construction work took place immediately aiming for a March 2014 opening.

Southern Cross Switchboards was part of this project, supplying the electrical contractor with the Main Switchboard and 5 distribution boards. The Main Switchboard is rated at 250A and is constructed to Form 2Bih as per AS/NZS3439.1 with a fault level of 20kA for 1 Second. The initial design of the main switchboard was too big for the switch room, which needed to accommodate a Supply Authority Meter Panel and another distribution board. The client came back to us with this challenge and working hand in hand with the client, we managed to come up with a solution. We ended up incorporating the meter panel into the main switchboard and changing the breakers from moulded case to miniature to reduce the size of the switchboard.

The client was happy with the new design because it now gives him more room to work in the switch room with only the main switchboard and a distribution board to be fitted in there. The main switchboard and one of the five distribution boards were delivered in December before Christmas and the remaining distribution boards were delivered in January 2014.

Value: $35k

New Club HouseIMG_0194aIMG_0200a