Sydney Parcel Facility Chullora

Southern Cross Switchboards had previously supplied the Main Switchboard for Sydney Parcel Facility Chullora back in 2014. It was an IP42, Form 3b switchboard rated at 2000A with fault level 36kA for 1 second. One year later, we were fortunate to be able to supply further switchboards for the same project.

In March 2015, we supplied three Switchboards for Sydney Parcel Facility Chullora – Main Switchboard 2, Distribution Board C1 and Distribution Board C2. Main Switchboard 2 is rated at 2500A with fault level 40kA for 1 second. Distribution Board C1 is rated at 1250A with fault level 40kA for 1 second and Distribution Board C2 is rated at 1600A with fault level 40kA for 1 second. All the switchboards are IP42 with a form segregation Form 3b/4a. All switchboards are constructed from ELSTEEL modular system.

There was a change in Distribution Board C2 after manufacturing had commenced. The consultant decided to change the manual transfer switch to an automatic transfer switch. When the change came through, the board was already 90% completed. Fortunately due to the flexibility in using a modular switchboard system we were able to make the required changes with minimum modification to the board and still managed to deliver the board on time.

Overall, the whole project went really well.

Value: $151k

DB C1DB C2DB C2 doors openBusbar Take off DB C1 Outgoing CB cubicles  DB C2 CB and busbar section    MSB C02 Supply Authority CT's MSB C02MSB 2