Royal Agricultural Society MSB

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) located in Homebush Sydney has been an influential force in the direction and development of Australian agriculture through competitions, education and events since its foundation in 1822.

The RAS is a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting agricultural development and rural communities in Australia.

In Early 2014 SCS constructed a Main Switchboard for the Homebush facility comprising of a top entry 2000A Service Protection Device MCCB mounted above the Supply Authority CT section. A mechanical services tier with one 1000A MCCB and 5 separate compartments with various rated MCCB’s rated from 800A to 250A are supplied by a bottom fed  copper busbar system.

A unique feature of this enclosure was the removable cable zone mounted on top of the SPD section primarily to assist in manoeuvring the board into position. The enclosure height of 2.3 meters could have been a major issue if we didn’t use the modular Elsteel system.

The board was delivered within the 7 week agreed deadline.

MSBBus tierBusbar take off