Queen Mary Building Temp Power Supply

The Queen Mary Building has been vacant at Grose Street, Camperdown since 2002. This was changed when the building was purchased by the University of Sydney in 2013. The University intends to revamp the building and use it as a centre of student accommodation for 802 international and domestic students. This new student accommodation centre will help create a new vibrant and engaging community in Camperdown.
The reactivation of this landmark building will help contribute to the local economy and neighbourhood, through increased activity by the centre’s students and staff. It will also help improve the amenity of the site and create a safer local environment.
This project will officially start in January 2014 and will continue through to the anticipated completion in early July 2015. Background work has already commenced since 2013 and Southern Cross Switchboards is proud to be part of it.
We were required to supply a wall-mounted weatherproof main switchboard to provide temporary power supply to the building sometime in September 2013.
As it was only a temporary board, we managed to bring down the cost by utilizing spare equipment we had in our store. This provided the client with savings and shortened the manufacturing lead time. The board is a W650xH1600xD250 IP56 board, with 100A incoming mains and a supply authority meter panel.
The board was delivered in October 2013 and the client was satisfied with the product and the fast delivery.
Value: $6.5k
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