Meadowbank TAFE DB Upgrades Stage 2

Southern Cross Switchboards had great success with the Meadowbank TAFE DB Upgrade Stage 1 project. The Stage 1 project was for NSW Public Works. After the successful completion of stage 1, we were given the opportunity to provide our services again for Meadowbank TAFE Stage 2 DB Upgrade. On the Stage 2 project we did not deal directly with NSW Public Works. We received direction from an independent contractor.

The scope of stage 2 included 5 x Distribution Boards in various blocks. They were DB-1 in Block A, DB-2 in Block A, DB-1 in Block B, DB-1 in Block G and DB-1 in Block E. All the distribution boards except DB-1 in Block G were modification works on the existing switchboards. Modification works included switchgear upgrade, providing new escutcheons and replacing all the labels.

The existing DB-1 enclosure in Block G was unable to fit in the new upgraded chassis and therefore had to be totally replaced by a new distribution board. This distribution board was located in a cupboard and there was limited space where the distribution board could be positioned. Taking this into consideration, we ended up getting a custom board manufactured as we are unable to find an off-the-shelf distribution board to suit.

The upgrade works for DB-1 Block A, DB-2 Block A, DB-1 Block B and DB-1 Block G were carried out during the June 2014 school holiday period while DB-1 Block E was completed during the September 2014 school holiday.

Overall, it was a great job. Everything flowed smoothly without issues.


Value: $70k

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