Liverpool Public School

Liverpool Public SchoolLiverpool Public School is situated in the central business district of Liverpool city in Sydney. The school was established in 1863 and serves a highly mobile, non-English speaking background, socio-economically disadvantaged community. The school has been significantly upgraded and has modern educational facilities. Some of the upgrades include electrical upgrades carried out by NSW Public Works.

Liverpool Public School project added to the list of numerous school projects that Southern Cross Switchboards has been involved with. On this project we provided a Main Switchboard (Rated at 400A, 30kA for 1 sec) and 12 x Distribution Boards. The project took place around Christmas in 2014. This is a challenging period of the year as most companies usually have a 2 or 3 week shut down period.

Fortunately for us, the suppliers that we were dealing with for this project had a team working through the Christmas period as they were trying to catch up on work. With their support, we managed to get the equipment required and we were able to complete the manufacture of the switchboards on schedule.

The Distribution Boards were delivered early to mid-January 2015 and the Main Switchboard was delivered at the of January 2015.

Value: $41.5k

New Main SwitchboardNew Main Switchboard doors openDistribution Section   Supply Authority CT Section