Deakin South Exchange Gen Aux DB

We received the purchase order from Ladd Electric based in Melbourne June 2013 to manufacture the 3rd and the last auxiliary Distribution Board for Telstra for the Standby Generator Plant upgrade at the Deakin South Telephone Exchange in Canberra.

The first and second boards were manufactured simultaneously by SCS for Stage One back in 2011, we were pleased to be given the opportunity to finish the remaining DB.

The layout was identical to the first two but with a number of changes to the distribution and control sections, which required a higher than usual amount of contact with our client.

A couple of features worth mentioning is, firstly its compact design especially significant because it is a custom made board and little room for error and space.

Secondly, considering the depth with the amount of equipment assembled inside it has a favourable feature and that is its ease of access to the switchgear and the wiring which became apparent when working inside the board during the construction and testing phases.

Designed with one tier either side of a cable zone, the left side tier houses an ATS unit with a 12 pole 630A chassis and a 60 pole 250A chassis and the right side tier houses all the control equipment which includes a PLC unit a leak detection unit,  ATS logic equipment, contactors relays and timers.

Some credit must go to the workshop staff at SCS who were able to accommodate all the equipment into such a confined space and when finished it was very presentable which showed all their hard work really paid off.

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