Argyle Diamond Mine Airport

The Argyle Diamond Mine is a diamond mine located in the East Kimberley region in the remote north of Western Australia. Argyle is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume. The Argyle Diamond Mine Airport is key part of the infrastructure for the Argyle Diamond Mine. It provides connecting flights for staff & visitors to Perth & Kununurra.

In 2012 Southern Cross Switchboards were engaged by Drivetrain Power and Propulsion to design and manufacture a new power distribution board for the Argyle Diamond Mine Airport Generator Upgrade. The new power distribution board was part of an upgrade to the airport which included increasing the size of the standby power generator from 80kVA to 400kVA by providing a new generator.  In designing the Power Distribution, SCSA considered the following factors to come up with the end product:

  • The harsh environment of the Argyle Diamond Mine Airport.
  • Incorporation of the normally freestanding ATI ATS within the power distribution board.
  • Argyle Diamond Mine Specifications & Requirements.

SCSA had to meet a tight deadline to ensure that the client received the board in adequate time to complete the planned upgrade within the required shutdown timeframe. The challenges were welcomed by SCSA, as it proved to be very interesting and quite an enjoyable project. With meticulous attention to detail, this style of project is where SCSA excels. Thanks to some precision, expert timing and know how the Argyle Diamond Mine Power Distribution Board was another quality switchboard that was completed to the up most professional standard.